Everyone starts somewhere…

Let’s get to the bottom line, websites are expensive. You’ve been told you need one for credibility, you’ve been told you need one for customer convenience, you’ve been told you need one to increase sales, but then you find out they cost 10, 15 thousand dollars. That’s cost prohibitive for many businesses. I’ve got a solution from our friends at Red Branch Development. Let me tell you about it.

Did you know a woman is widely regarded as the first computer programmer? Her name was Ada Lovelace. Second, did you know only about one in five computer programmers are female? Red Branch Development is trying to do something about that. They’ve launched an internship designed to get more women into computer programming.

How does that help you? They are looking for projects for the internships. They are offering a 3-4 page website for $2500. That’s right, a website designed from the ground up for $2500. You get Red Branch’s expertise, you get a website, AND you get to help someone get their first shot. All that for $2500.
423-800-6962. That’s Red Branch Development, 423-800-6962.

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